Dienstag, 16. März 2010

Alec R. Constandinos - Hunchback of Notre Dame (1978)


A1 The Pope Of Fools (5:31)
A2 La Esmeralda (1:15)
A3 The Inconveniences Of Following A Pretty Girl In The Streets At Night (1:35)
A4 Phoebus (1:45)
A5 You Are Accused Before Us... (1:26)
A6 The Court Of Miracles (0:50)
A7 Notre-Dame (2:42)
B1 Phoebus And Esmeralda (4:22)
B2 Gringoire And The Duke Of Egypt (2:22)
B3 Dom Claude's Confession (4:30)
B4 Hanging Of The Sorceress (3:11)
B5 The Attack (1:32)
B6 Quasimodo's Marriage (3:06)

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