Dienstag, 18. Mai 2010

Jay Dee - Come on in love (1974)


A1 Jay's Theme 2:30
A2 Strange Funky Games And Things 6:51
A3 You've Changed 5:34
A4 I Can Feel Your Love Slipping Away 4:00
B1 Come On In Love 4:46
B2 I Can't Let You Go 3:45
B3 Your Sweetness Is My Weakness 3:29
B4 Thinking Of You 2:35
B5 You're All I Need 3:10

Johnny Rocco Band - Rocco (1976)


01 'Good Times
02 'Heading in the Right Direction
03 'Who's the Guy
04 'Sweet Kisses
05 'Funky Max
06 'Rocco
07 'Baby's Gonna Make It
08 'She's Knocking on My Door
09 'What are you gonna do for the rest of your life?
10 'Number Forty Three

Olympic Runners - Put the music where your mouth is (1974)


A1 Grab It (2:59)
A2 Put The Music Where Your Mouth Is (2:48)
A3 Sproutin' Out (3:48)
A4 Mac B. Coolie (4:25)
A5 Ev'ry One A Winner (3:14)
B1 Do It Over (2:28)
B2 Let Your Fingers Do The Talkin' (2:56)
B3 Just Once Is Enough (3:22)
B4 Taco Toes (3:02)
B5 Be My Main Squeeze (4:00)