Freitag, 20. August 2010

S.O.U.L - Can you feel it (1972)


A1 Can You Feel It
A2 Tell It Like It Is
A3 Do What Ever You Want To Do
A4 Peace Of Mind
B1 My Cherie Amour
B2 Love, Peace And Power
B3 To Mend A Broken Heart
B4 Sleeping Beauty

S.O.U.L. - What is it (1971)


A1 Down In The Ghetto
A2 Get Ready
A3 Burning Spear
A4 Express Yourself
B1 Soul
B2 Message From A Black Man
B3 Memphis Underground

Roy Ayers - Africa - Center of the world (1981)


A1 Africa, Center Of The World (5:26)
A2 Intro / The River Niger (5:23)
A3 I'll Just Keep Trying (6:02)
A4 Destination Motherland (4:53)
B1 The Third Eye (4:49)
B2 Intro / Land Of Fruit And Honey (5:24)
B3 Intro / Mo Nise Si E (I Love You) (7:07)
B4 There's A Master Plan (3:45)

pass is myfavouritesound

Windjammer - Windjammer (1982)


1) You've Got Me Dancing
2) Stay
3) I've Had It
4) End Of The Summer
5) I'll Always Love You
6) Rockin'
7) Don't Change
8) Time Will Tell
9) I Write This Letter

Frederick Knight - Knight Kap (1977)

  1. Knight Kap
  2. River Flowing
  3. Wrapped in Your Love
  4. Staying Power
  5. I Love the Way You Love
  6. You Make My Life Complete
  7. When It Ain't Right with My Baby
  8. Uphill Peace of Mind

Manhattans - It feels so good (1977)


A1 I Kinda Miss You
A2 Up On The Street(Where I Live)
A3 Let's Start It All Over Again
A4 It's You
A5 I'll See You Tommorow
B1 It Feels So Good To Be Loved So Bad
B2 It Just Can't Stay This Way
B3 We Never Danced To A Love Song
B4 Mind Your Business
B5 Too Much For Me To Bear

Manhattans - Love talk (1979)


A1 After You (3:58)
A2 Love Talk (4:33)
A3 The Right Feeling At The Wrong Time (3:45)
A4 Devil In The Dark (4:06)
A5 Here Comes The Hurt Again (4:56)
B1 Just Wanna Be The One In Your Life (3:41)
B2 New York City (4:29)
B3 That's Not Part Of The Show (4:27)
B4 The Way We Were / Memories (5:13)
B5 We Tried (3:38)