Samstag, 7. August 2010

Sounds Of The City Experience - Sounds of the City Experience (1976)


Side 1
1. Getting Down
2. Through No Fault of Our Own
3. It's So Wonderful Baby/Gina
4. Come on and Stay with Me
5. Stuff N' Thing

Side 2
1. Keep on Keepin' On
2. Babylon
3. Reality
4. Judgement Day
5. My People

Messengers Incorporated - Soulful Proclamation (19xx)


1. Soulful Proclamation
2.Frequency Response
3.Ain't No Mountain
4.He Ain't Heavy
5.Twenty Four Hours A Day
6.If I D'a Club
7. Eleanor Rigby
9.Just Can't Run Away

Norman Connors - Slewfoot (1974)


1. Mother Of The Future
2. Back On The Street
3. Welcome
4. Slew Foot
5. Dreams
6. Chuka
7. Jump Street

Eddie Henderson - Comin' through (1977)


A1 Say You Will
A2 Open Eyes
A3 Morning Song
A4 Movin' On
B1 Source
B2 The Funk Surgeon
B3 Beyond Forever
B4 Connie

William Bell - It's time you took another listen (1977)


A1 Easy Comin' Out (Hard Goin' In) (3:17)
A2 I Don't Want Nobody To Love Me (But You) (3:19)
A3 Yesterday I Lied, Today I Cried (3:22)
A4 Morning Glory (8:37)
B1 Shed A Little Light On The Subject (3:17)
B2 Satin Sheets (4:04)
B3 Hollywood Streetwalker (4:13)
B4 Your Love Keeps Me Going (3:12)
B5 Let It Shine (4:26)

BLO - Step three (1975)


A1 Mind Walk
A2 Rhythm Of Love
A3 Hypocrisy
B1 Gotta Get Me A Better Head
B2 Hot Chase
B3 Don't Pull This From Under Me

Blo - Phase 2 (1974)


01 - blo.mp3
02 - it's gonna be a good day.mp3
03 - native doctor.mp3
04 - do it, you'll like it.mp3
05 - don't take her away (from me).mp3
06 - whole lot of shit.mp3
07 - atide.mp3

Sweet Talks - Sweet talks (1979)


1 Do The Beat
2 Devil Ib Disguise
3 Keep The Same Old Feeling
4 Time Is Running Out
5 Reggae Disco
6 Baby Love
7 Rollin' On
8 Stomp And Buck Dance
9 Shadow Dancing

David Ruffin - Who I am (1975)

A1 Who I Am
A2 It Takes All Kind Of People To Make A World
A3 Walk Away From Love
A4 I've Got Nothing But Time
A5 The Finger Pointers
B1 Wild Honey
B2 Heavy Love
B3 Statue Of A Fool
B4 Love Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

Karma - For everybody (1977)


A1 For Everybody (Feel The Whogga) (4:30)
A2 Surrender (3:30)
A3 I Heard Somebody Say (4:09)
A4 Spotty Funk (4:30)
A5 Now That's Bionic (3:51)
B1 Abundance (8:47)
B2 Mama Dear (3:50)
B3 All Love Needs (4:45)
B4 Difference Of Opinion (4:13)
B5 Ladies (2:38)

5th Dimension - Star Dancing (1978)


  • You Are The Reason (I Feel Like Dancing)
  • Hold Me
  • Going Through The Motions
  • You Are The Most Important Person In Your Life
  • Star Dancing
  • You're My Lifetime Opera
  • Slipping Into Something New
  • We Could Fly
  • A Good Love

Jeannie Reynolds - One Wish (1977)


1. Come My Way
2. Be Someone
3. I Know I'll Always Be In Love With You
4. I'm Hooked On You
5. Sexy Man
6. I Don't Want To Be Second Best
7. Don't Make A Fool Of Me
8. Guide Me Well

Claudja Barry - The girl most likely (1977)


  • Take Me In Your Arms….
  • Take It Easy
  • Love Machine
  • When Life Was Just A Game
  • Every Beat of My Heart
  • Open the Door
  • Johnny, Johnny
  • Sexy Talkin' Lover
  • Dancin' Fever
  • Long Lost Friend

Roger and the Human Body (1976)


1. Freedom
2. Truth Be Known
3. Brother Lester
4. Bearing Straight
5. Nature?S Song
6. Hey Mama
7. Been This Way Before
8. Take A Break

Fresh - Feelin '(1978)


1 Just How Does It Feel
2 Whatever Happened to Rock and Roll
3 Feelin' Fresh
4 Hey Kid
5 Everybody's Got Something To Say
6 Don't Let Down
7 Preparation
8 Let Yourself Go

Miami - Notorious (1976)


A1 Kill That Roach (5:15)
A2 Hold On To What You Got (5:00)
A3 Mr. Notorious (2:45)
A4 If You Love Me (Like You Say You Love Me) (3:35)
B1 I'll Hold The Groove (5:35)
B2 I Can't Help Myself (5:00)
B3 Do It Together (4:00)
B4 Come Dance With Me (5:00)

RASA - Everything you see is me (1978)

  • Everything You See Is Me
  • Questions In My Mind
  • A Perfect Love
  • Just For Believing
  • Chanting
  • Within The Sound
  • When Will The Day Come
  • The Dream Is Over