Montag, 29. März 2010

What It Is -- Funky Soul & Rare Grooves (25 x 7" single box set -- limited edition)

One of the funkiest box sets we've ever seen -- and amazingly issued by an American major label! The package is a treasure trove of funky work from a decade of Warner Brothers, Atlantic Records, and related labels -- tunes pulled both from mainstream releases and much more obscure 45s! This vinyl singles version of the set includes 25 funky 45s (that's 50 tracks in all), all packaged in a cool little carrying case box with the represses of the original singles, painstakingly replicated in the original label logo sleeves! This one goes way past some of the silly "decade" sets from Rhino, and really displays a new level of cool and connoisseurship -- one that finally appreciates the rich depths of funky work at their fingertips, most of which has not been properly reissued in the US! The singles include "Gangster Of Love (part 1)/Gangster Of Love (part 2)" by "Get In The Groove/Somebody's In The World For You" by Mighty Hannibal, "Tampin/Oleancler" by Rhine Oaks, "It's Your Thing/Bring It Home To Me" by Cold Grits, "Stanga/Somebody's Watching You" by Little Sister, "Gossip/Tell Me What's On Your Mind" by Cyril Neville, "Engine #9/International Playboy" by Wilson Pickett, "Funky Nassau (part 1)/Funky Nassau (part 2)" by Beginning Of The End, "Mockingbird Sally/Nuki Suki" by Little Richard, "Funky To The Bone/I Want To Dance, Dance Dance" by Freddi Henchi & The Soul Setters", "California Dreamin' (vocal)/California Dreamin' (instrumental)" by Eddie Hazel and more!

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